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Hearing Amplifier vs. Hearing Aid: What’s the Difference, Anyways?

They’re Not the Same Thing Combing through any magazine or newspaper nowadays, you’re bound to come across an ad that looks like the most inexpensive hearing aid ever made that claims it’s going to restore your hearing back to a normal hearing level. This is false. These are known as hearing amplifiers and we want you to understand the difference between a hearing amplifier and a hearing aid. What’s the Difference? So, what exactly is the difference between a Personal Sound Amplification...

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Chicago Bears Owner Discusses His Hearing Problem

Chicago Bears Owner Discusses His Hearing Problem Missing the Big Game Brian McCaskey couldn’t watch a single play when the Bears lost to the Giants in an NFC divisional playoff game in 1991.  Not because the loss kept him from caring, but because he suffered from debilitating vertigo in his hotel that same morning. Doctors eventually diagnosed McCaskey, the second youngest son of Ed and Virginia McCaskey with Meniere’s disease.  Meniere’s disease is an inner ear disorder that is accompanied by...

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