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Our Patient is Now a Legend!

Beltone Hearing Aids Helps Hampton Roads Local’s Life

By Peter Cousin
Beltone Southside Hampton Roads

Four years ago we met Jon Brein, a prominent Property Manager and Real Estate investor in Hampton Roads, Virginia. By the age of 43, Jon was enjoying a lucrative position as Chairman of the Anesthesiology Department at DePaul Medical Center in Norfolk, Virginia, until his hearing became an obstacle in surgery he could not overcome.

Moving his career to property management and investments, Jon wore full-shell custom hearing aids for more than 5 years. This allowed him to perform his work but the quality of hearing was not what he wanted. It was loud enough but he couldn’t hear clearly and found himself asking people to repeat themselves multiple times.

Finding a Local Hearing Aid Center

Jon first contacted Beltone in November of 2010 to try out the new True hearing aid. “Being a ‘techie’ of sorts, I wanted the very best hearing aid on the market. It just sounded better. It’s clearer. This new equipment allowed me to listen to MP3 formats and when the phone rang, the MP3 cut off allowing me to use the phone. When I was done with the call, the MP3 cut back on automatically. That’s pretty nice. I also was able to listen to music or other media while still receiving the ambient sounds around me. That’s very close to normal hearing.  Beltone’s technology is always on the cutting-edge and that excites me.”

I asked how it affected his hearing. He told me “Before the True™ hearing aid, my right ear was so bad my old hearing aid provided next to nothing for me. With the new True™ hearing aid, it seemed as though I actually gained more than 50% hearing (and comprehension) in that ear. That is amazing.” I now wear the new True™ in both ears and it’s had a profound effect on my family life. My wife keeps saying I’m different. I’m no longer yelling when I talk and, at times, she has to listen to hear me. It’s great.

In June this year (2015) Jon came in to have his True™ hearing aids serviced. While in the office, he inquired about new technology available from Beltone called Legend™. Beth Hall, VP of Operations and Licensed Specialist, told Jon about the new units. She explained the improvement in the system including a larger battery with more life.

Jon told Beth he bought the best hearing aids on the market four years ago from Beltone. “I’m always interested in what’s new and better.” Beth shared the advantages of the newPersonal Sound ID™ and explained that it was built for everyday life, including extreme sports and bad weather. Beltone Legend is treated with the HPF80 NanoBlock coating which blocks moisture and dirt.

Jon was very impressed with the new interfacing. The made for iPhone® integration streams sounds wirelessly to the hearing aids from an iPhone, iPad® or iPod touch®, while the HearPlus app can control the hearing aids directly from an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

He told Beth to hold on servicing his older units and to hook him up with a new set of Beltone Legends. “I’ve been a one man office with my business as an investor and property manager. I manage all the tenants, do repairs myself, take care of the books and answer the phones. These new hearing aids will help me take it to the next level without hiring others because of my hearing disability. These new aids are everything I could want in a quality hearing aid.”

“To be honest, I had been looking around for all types of hearing aids and companies and what new technology would best suit my personal needs.

Beltone has always been good to me with pricing and service and the people at Beltone are just the best. I have a good relationship with several of their people and their owner, Bari Grohler. I’m very happy with this product and recommend it to anyone and everyone who needs hearing aids either for the first time or as an upgrade to what they’re wearing currently.”

In closing, I asked Jon what he would say to someone in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s about hearing loss that might change the way they perceive the use of hearing aids. He said quite proudly, “The way it impacted me was, the people I love were suffering. I was blaming them for my problems of not hearing. You have no idea what you’re not hearing (and of course, understanding) and how much impact it has on people around you. People with hearing problems, no matter their age, become bluffers. If you don’t hear what someone says or only catch part of it, rather than causing frustration or embarrassment, you make up in your mind what they are saying and hope you’re right. You’re not reading lips as much as you’re reading faces and expressions. After awhile you get to be pretty good at it but that’s not the answer for future happiness.”

“The new hearing aids at Beltone fit over your ear and are not noticeable unless someone looks for them. And with the small clear tube that fits into your ear, you hear clearly not loudly, and they’re hardly noticeable. In short, hearing trumps everything else. It’s worth hearing what you’re missing. This is the most cutting edge aid in my experience out there. With Beltone you get quality, reliability and service to back it up. This is the best hearing aids on the market.”

“Call my friends and professionals at Beltone. They will take very good care of you… just like they’ve taken great care of me.”

Contact Beltone today at 757-497-3900. They are conveniently located with six offices throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia. You NEED to hear what you’re missing!

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