Hearing Aid Prices Vs. Quality: How To Choose

Hearing Aid Prices Vs. Quality: How To Choose

For consumers navigating hearing aid prices for the first time, the shopping options can be many. One of your first priorities, understandably, is finding the best price, but a host of other factors help you find the optimal solution to address your hearing needs, in conjunction with your lifestyle. You must weigh hearing aid prices against considerations such as:

  • Initial screening and expertise of your hearing aid specialist
  • The size, quality and durability of the device
  • Sound-processing features
  • Wireless streaming and controls
  • Ongoing support after your purchase

Bargains May Not Equal Value

Hearing aids are available through a variety of outlets and range in price from less than $1000 a pair on a web site to $2000 and up for a pair of state-of-the-art models. The bottom line is that hearing aid prices vary because of the sophistication of the technology, its ability to address your hearing loss properly, the quality of sound you hear, and the ongoing support provided by the company behind the product.

Many hearing aid shoppers, eager for a bargain, have opted for a cheaper model only to find that their decision cost them more over time, either because the hearing aid was ineffective for a variety of important reasons or because they had to shell out money over the years for parts and support.

The level of research that goes into producing high quality hearing aids is often reflected by higher prices. At Beltone, we know that your budget is a concern and we strive to keep our prices as low as possible while providing the kind of hearing restoration that can truly transform the quality of your life. You may be able to take advantage of a financing program we offer, or use a hearing aid benefit that your insurance plan may provide.

You Decide Which Hearing Aid Features You Need

The first step for anyone who is noticing hearing loss is to take our simple online hearing check to determine whether you might need further intervention. From there, it is easy to set up an appointment with a Beltone specialist who can help you determine if you are a candidate for hearing aids. Surprisingly, many people who think they need hearing aids, are often suffering from something as simple as excess ear wax or an ear infection, neither of which require hearing aids.

At Beltone, we offer a broad range of hearing instruments at a variety of price points. Our hearing aids are powered by our innovative microprocessor technology with anarray of features to address just about every hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

Our award-winning 2.4 GHZ technology even allows you to stream sound directly from your favorite electronic devices to your hearing aids, and lets you discreetly control your hearing aids using your smartphone.

Consider the Beltone Difference

Your Beltone specialist will work with you to bring your life back into ideal clarity. When you trust Beltone for your hearing care needs, you are in the best of hands. Beltone has been helping people hear better since 1940, and the Beltone name is the most trusted name in hearing care.

When considering hearing aid prices, remember to consider aftercare. Every hearing aid will need adjustments and cleanings over time. After all, a hearing aid is something that you wear every day. Most Beltone hearing aids are protected inside and out with a special coating called HPF80 Nanoblock that repels moisture and debris. This safeguards delicate circuitry and enhances the ongoing performance of your hearing aids. And with our BelCare™ program, we will look after your hearing aids for as long as you own them. BelCare also gives you complimentary follow-up evaluations, product support, fittings and easy access to batteries and other accessories for the life of your hearing aids. You don’t have to compromise quality for cost when you partner with Beltone to maintain your hearing health.

Schedule Your Free Hearing Evaluation

If you still have questions about which hearing aid is the right one for you, or to find out if you even need hearing aids at all, please give us a call at 757-337-4591!

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