Hearing Aid Technology: Streaming with Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Technology: Streaming with Hearing Aids

Beltone Legend™ hearing aid users have the advantage of many different ways to connect audio sources to their hearing aids.

Beltone Legend connects directly to your iPhone®. Your hearing aids will automatically pick up a streaming signal from your iPhone and play the sound through your hearing aids. This is used most often for phone calls; however, it can also be used while listening to audiobooks, music, or videos. Whenever I demonstrate this feature to new users, they are always very pleased with the simplicity of this groundbreaking feature.

Phone Link 2

If you don’t have an iPhone, that’s okay!  Any Bluetooth cell phone can be connected to your Beltone Legend hearing aids by using a Phone Link 2. This little device clips on to your shirt or pocket and will stream the audio signal from your phone to the hearing aids. Samsung® Galaxy products can take advantage of Beltone’s Hear Plus™ App too!

The HearPlus App on your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy devices can be used to manage these wireless systems. Simply open up the App on your phone and toggle through the different accessories that you have added to your network.

TV Link 2

Another one of these accessories is the Beltone TV Link 2. It connects your television to your hearing aids using a wireless system. This system is designed to be sleek and easy to manage, without any cords or connectors hanging from your neck. For users that have been accustomed to the neck loop systems, the Beltone TV Link 2 is a welcomed change.

The wireless connection built into the Beltone Legend hearing aids will seamlessly cross through your living room to receive a high quality signal from your television. If you have a large family and get distracted by others in the room while watching TV, this is a way to “cut-out” some of that background noise while enjoying your favorite programs.


My current favorite accessory is the MyPAL Pro. “PAL” stands for “Personal Audio Link.” This little device is your own personal microphone that you can position however you want to pick up voices in crowded places. This device is the best way to control “Signal to Noise Ratio”: bringing the voices up above the background noise.

The ugly side of hearing loss is that the brain’s ability to process sounds is often diminished at the same time as cochlear hearing loss. The MyPAL Pro gives an advantage to Beltone Legend users that are still struggling in environments with a high-level of noise because of these poor auditory processing abilities.

I’ve found that users enjoy the MyPAL Pro in restaurants and bars, in the car or RV, or even talking from the living room to the kitchen at home. What I like about the latest version of MyPAL Pro is that it also has the ability to be used flat on a table top: ideal for noisy restaurants and meetings.

We love all of our really cool toys!  With these three accessories, the TV Link 2, the Phone Link 2, and the MyPAL Pro, you always have the help of your friendly Beltone professionals to help you integrate these systems into your wireless network.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a FREE hearing screening, give us a call at 757-337-4591.

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