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Launching the world’s first hearing solution that employs AI in tandem with Apple’s Siri

As part of our dedicated focus to be the most trusted hearing care partner, we continuously work on advancing our technology to deliver a hearing experience that adapts to each individual patient. Beltone is proud to launch the world’s first hearing solution that employs artificial intelligence (AI) in tandem with Apple’s intelligent assistant, Siri.

The new AI technology seamlessly integrates with the Beltone HearMax and HearPlus apps to continuously sense, learn and naturally adapt to changes in the patient’s surroundings, enriching their personal hearing experience.

Personalized hearing experiences

A new software release will deliver intuitive, personalized adjustments directly to the patient’s hearing aids. From one-swipe changes to voice-activated controls, sound settings instantly adapt to any environment.

One-swipe changes: auto-prompted profile switching

The virtual assistant learns patient preferences and gives patients real-time suggestions on the iPhone’s lock screen that they activate with a simple swipe. For instance, coming back to a location where you previously changed a program, Siri will recommend to make the same adjustment with just one swipe.

Voice-activation: voice-controlled profile switching

Patients can use voice commands to change settings. Patients can simply say ‘Hey, Siri’ to change settings completely hands-free. For example: “Hey Siri, please change to ‘Restaurant’”. The virtual assistant detects the command and changes to the Restaurant program in the hearing aids to help improve the hearing experience seamlessly.

The new, life-enhancing AI technology will be incorporated into Beltone’s latest products for launch in February 2019.

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