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Bruno Codispoti
I have been with Beltone Southside about 15 years plus. As I get older my hearing has deteriorated, but thanks to Beltone and modern technology my hearing has gotten better. I can hear birds and sounds I haven’t heard in a long time. I have the Imagine hearing aids and the Super Focus setting is […]
Patrick Mullen
What a great experience!!!! Dr. Michael Lee went well beyond what I was expecting. His professionalism and his ability to inform me and answer all of my questions very reassuring. And his recommendations showed that he was concerned for MY needs not his needs! Dr. Lee recommended the best hearing aids that I could get […]
John Palomares
I’ve tried other hearing services and since I’ve been coming to Beltone, I was very pleasantly surprised with the service and professionalism I have received. Beltone has a lot of knowledge.
Sherry Simmons
“I bought new Beltone Trust hearing aids and LOVE them. I like how I can control them through my iphone and I can actually HEAR and UNDERSTAND on the phone and when in conversations with friends. Thank you Chesapeake Beltone !” ~Sherry Simmons, pictured with Michael Lee, Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, Chesapeake
Tom Groves
“I have been wearing hearing aids for over 22 years and have had over 4 pairs of various brands. These new Amaze hearing aids are truly AMAZING ! Its like a whole new world. I can actually hear people whisper behind me, and I love being able to control them with my iphone. Do yourself a favor and see the folks at Beltone. They will take care of you !” ~Tom Groves, pictured with Michael Lee, Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, Pembroke
Grace Belote
“Everything is great. Everybody is wonderful. I hear very well now. I am very happy.” ~Grace Belote – pictured with Josh Grohler, Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, Ward’s Corner Office.
Jim Hatfield
“I’ve been wearing hearing aids for over 25 years and have worn quite a few. I’m currently wearing Beltone’s newest technology, the Amaze 17. The sound is so rich and full and very clear even in Background noise. They pair easily with a smartphone enabling me to stream music to my aids and the sound is unbelievable. If you want awesome clarity, the Amaze hearing aids are the best on the market” ~Jim Hatfield, Hearing Care Practitioner, Great Neck and Suffolk
Carolyn Williams
“My new hearing aids are wonderful, fantastic, and life changing. I am glad I got them!" ~Carolyn Williams, pictured with Drewry Tatterson, Hearing Care practitioner, Chesapeake
Peggy Stone
“I am extremely happy with my Beltone hearing aids. They are state of the art; so much different from what I’ve had. The people at Beltone are great!” ~Peggy Stone- pictured with Amy Thomas, Vice President, Pembroke

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