• 5 Answers on Ear Infections for Worried Parents & Grandparents


    5 Answers on Ear Infections for Worried Parents & Grandparents

    Ear Infection Ear InfectionWhen your child or grandchild is acting up more than normal and they seem like they are having ear pain, it’s normal to suspect an ear infection. Ear infections are quite common between the ages of 6 months and 3 years of age. 1106

    Hearing Tests

    Are Hearing Tests Free?


    Are Hearing Tests Free?

    Hearing Tests Hearing Tests

    Are hearing tests free? The short answer? At Beltone, hearing tests are free! If you’re perhaps just noticing that you may have a hearing loss or if it’s been noticeable to you for a while, Beltone offers not only a FREE online hearing test, but all of our Beltone locations offer FREE hearing screenings.

    The Beltone online hearing test is a quick way to gauge if you should schedule an appointment with your local Beltone office to get a more in-depth screening done. Just make sure you’re in a quiet area or have headphones available to drown out the background noise. Once you start the online hearing test, it will ask you to identify certain sounds and if you can hear those sounds. You will get your results at the conclusion of the test.

    Or even more precise than the online hearing test, you can schedule an appointment for your FREE hearing screening at your local Beltone office. During the screening, your Hearing Care Practitioner will assess:

    1. Your personal health history
    2. Check the inside of your ears with

    Best Hearing Aids

    How to find the Best Hearing Aids on the Market


    How to find the Best Hearing Aids on the Market

    Best Hearing AidsBest Hearing Aids

    There are a few key elements to keep in mind while doing your due diligence in researching which hearing aid is the best one on the market today. It’s not just “what’s best.” It’s “what hearing aid is best suited to me and my hearing needs?”

    However, if you are relying on Google searches to determine your favorite hearing aid, keep these factors in mind when searching for the best hearing aid on the market:


    Beltone offers 7 different style of hearing aids to match any level of loss and fit to the ear. Be sure to discuss these options with your Hearing Care Practitioner at your appointment to find out which model would best fit your needs.

    Speech Enhancement

    The Beltone Legend hearing aid features Personal Sound ID™ which delivers sound to your ears naturally, for improved awareness of your environment and a better sound experience. Not all brands of hearing aids offer this feature, so be sure to keep this on your list of must-haves.

    Noise Reduction

    Wearing a

    Hearing Loss

    Hearing Loss: Why Does Hearing Deteriorate As We Get Older?


    Hearing Loss: Why Does Hearing Deteriorate As We Get Older?

    Hearing LossHearing Loss

    Aging certainly has some positive side effects – wisdom gained from life experience, rich relationships with family and often financial security. But unfortunately, growing older can also lead to the deterioration of certain physical systems like hearing. No one likes to experience hearing loss, but part of grasping the change and seeking effective help comes from understanding the causes of progressive hearing loss.

    Primary Causes of Most Hearing Loss

    The auditory system is delicate and intricate, with tiny hair cells inside the inner ear that amplify sound waves. “The amplification, without which the auditory system is effectively deaf, can be traced to the correct functioning of a group of motile sensory hair cells, the outer hair cells of the cochlea,” says Jonathan Ashmore in an article published by the journal Physiological Reviews. These hair cells break down and die over time. And unfortunately, once the cells are gone they don’t regenerate, so the hearing loss that results is permanent. Other changes to the ear that can occur over time, especially when

    Improved Hearing

    How Improved Hearing Bettered My Life


    How Improved Hearing Bettered My Life

    Improved HearingImproved Hearing

    Dr. Jonathan Brein was living the dream — he had a beautiful family, a 42-foot yacht, a successful private practice in Chesapeake, Virginia. But then, the anesthesiologist started having problems hearing. At first, it was a small inconvenience. He thought his nurses were mumbling. No one knew exactly what caused Dr. Brein’s hearing loss. “Some thought it might have been caused by a viral infection. It was never confirmed.” Whatever the cause of the problem, Brein’s hearing got worse. In fact, his hearing got so bad that the anesthesiologist started having challenges in the operating room. He used hearing aids, but they didn’t solve the problem. One day, a respected fellow physician, the chair of the Department of Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery at the Eastern Virginia Medical School, told Brein that he had a real problem understanding people in the operating room. Eventually, Brein’s attorney told him, “You have to stop practicing.”

    So, Dr. Brein had to leave medicine. Fortunately, he had disability insurance and his children were young. He and his wife spent six years

    Winter Coat Drive

    Help Us Spread Warmth and Love This Winter

    Winter Coat Drive

    This blog post is going to be a little bit different than our usual information on hearing loss, but I feel like this is the perfect outlet to spread awareness on a subject that is close to our hearts here at Beltone.

    This week my father-in-law collected leftover bread from Panera Bread and took it to our church, Virginia Beach United Methodist, just like he does every week. Since it has been getting colder he also brought some old winter coats along to donate. As soon as he handed them over, homeless people who were there started putting them on. This broke his heart. When he shared this story with us, we jumped into action. Our entire staff started going through our closets, pulling out coats, sweaters, and blankets to take in to the church. As a group, we decided to make it our mission to do as much as we can for the homeless in our area.

    Living in Virginia Beach near the Oceanfront I see homeless people on a near daily basis, during nice, sunny, warm weather it becomes easy to forget what a serious condition

    Beulah’s Story


    Beulah Combs – A New Lease on Life

    Beulah Odessa Combs was born on April 8, 1939, and grew up in Norfolk. After marrying her navy husband, she relocated to Florida with him. His early death left her with a void, so she made the decision to start fostering children since she was unable to have any of her own. She did this for over 10 years. Some of the children would just stay a very short while; others stayed for weeks or months. The last child she fostered was a two year old named Cheyenne whom she loved like her own daughter. She assumed it would be a temporary situation, but circumstances led her to ask for custody of this child. The day of the court hearing, the biological mother saw the love they had for each other and consented to a permanent adoption, giving Beulah full custody. Today, Cheyenne is 16 years old, and college bound and the light of Beulah’s life.

    Beulah served in the ministry for some time, but left that calling as she felt her hearing issues compromised her ability to do the job well. In September, 2017, Josh Grohler at the Wards Corner Beltone

    Hearing Aid Prices Vs. Quality: How To Choose


    Hearing Aid Prices Vs. Quality: How To Choose

    Hearing Aid PricesFor consumers navigating hearing aid prices for the first time, the shopping options can be many. One of your first priorities, understandably, is finding the best price, but a host of other factors help you find the optimal solution to address your hearing needs, in conjunction with your lifestyle. You must weigh hearing aid prices against considerations such as:

    • Initial screening and expertise of your hearing aid specialist
    • The size, quality and durability of the device
    • Sound-processing features
    • Wireless streaming and controls
    • Ongoing support after your purchase
    Hearing Aid Prices

    Bargains May Not Equal Value

    Hearing aids are available through a variety of outlets and range in price from less than $1000 a pair on a web site to $2000 and up for a pair of state-of-the-art models. The bottom line is that hearing aid prices vary because of the sophistication of the technology, its ability to address your hearing loss properly, the

    What is Tinnitus

    What is Tinnitus?


    What is Tinnitus?

    Tinnitus is the name for the perception of sounds such as ringing, buzzing, or hissing when these sounds are not present in the environment. In the United States, an estimated 50 million people experience tinnitus and nearly 12 million people a year seek medical advice.  What is Tinnitus  

    What causes tinnitus?

    The onset of tinnitus is often related to exposure to loud sounds, which can cause damage to the sensory cells of the inner ear. It has also been associated with excessive ear wax, ear infections, high blood pressure, the aging process, and sensory nerve disorders. Activities which can cause tinnitus include drinking alcohol or caffeine, taking aspirin or antibiotics, and cigarette smoking.

    What can you do?

    If you have, or suspect you have tinnitus, you should be evaluated to determine what options are available for managing it. When it is determined that there are no specific medical issues involved, there are several options to consider. In the majority of cases, the individual experiencing tinnitus also has a hearing loss. The use of a hearing aid to amplify sounds can help

    Beltone Trust

    Beltone Trust™ Named a 2017 Bronze Stevie Award Winner


    Beltone Trust™ Named a 2017 Bronze Stevie Award Winner

    Beltone TrustBeltone Trust(August 22, 2017) Chicago, IL — Beltone, a leader in hearing healthcare for over 77 years, and the International Business Awards recently announced that Beltone Trust™ was voted a Bronze Stevie Winner for Best New Product in the Health & Pharmaceuticals category.

    Beltone Trust™ hearing aids bring those with hearing loss unmatched sound quality and the ability to connect with their hearing care professional outside regularly scheduled appointments through Remote Care™, all while maintaining a sleek and covert design.

    A record total of more than 3,900 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted in this year’s International Business Awards for consideration in a wide range of categories, including Company of the Year, Marketing Campaign of the Year, Best New Product or Service of the Year, Startup of the Year, Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year, and Executive of the Year, among others.

    The International Business Awards are the world’s premier business awards program and all individuals and organizations worldwide — public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small –

    Signs of Hearing Loss

    Signs of Hearing Loss

    Signs of Hearing LossSigns of Hearing Loss

    Signs of Hearing Loss

    An untreated hearing loss it can be isolating, frustrating, and has almost the same warning signs as Alzheimer’s disease. If you or a family member is living with these symptoms, please schedule them a free hearing test to help determine the cause of the symptoms.

    Know the 10 Signs of Hearing Loss… Early Detection Matters!

    1. People seem to mumble more frequently.
    2. You experience ringing in your ears.
    3. You often ask people to repeat themselves.
    4. Your family complains that you play the radio or TV too loudly.
    5. You no longer hear normal household sounds, such as the dripping of a faucet or the ringing of a doorbell.
    6. You have difficulty understanding conversations when in a group or crowd.
    7. You have trouble understanding all the words in conversations.
    8. You find a telephone conversation increasingly difficult.
    9. You have trouble hearing when your back is turned to the speaker.
    10. You have been told you speak too loudly.

    Symptomatic similarities between Untreated Hearing Loss and Alzheimer’s Disease

    Untreated Hearing Loss Alzheimer’s Disease

    Announcing Beltone Trust: A Whole New Level of Hearing Care


    Announcing Beltone Trust: A Whole New Level of Hearing Care

    Beltone TrustBeltone Trust

    May 1, Chicago, IL – Today, Beltone launched the innovative Beltone Trust™, bringing those with hearing loss unprecedented sound quality and the ability to connect with their hearing health professional outside regularly scheduled appointments. As Beltone’s fifth generation 2.4 GHz wireless solution, Beltone Trust™ propels the company’s position as the leader in hearing aids for the past 77 years into the future.

    Beltone’s all-inclusive hearing care program connects hearing aids, all wireless accessories and smartphone apps to enable people with hearing loss to live life, and hear life, to the fullest. The new Beltone Trust™ features unmatched sound technologies, more convenient fitting software and new remote fine-tuning, making it the most advanced and flexible hearing aid experience available today.

    Unparalleled Sound Quality

    Hearing aid users will experience exceptional sound quality and hear more than ever before. Beltone Trust™ delivers clear, natural sound, excellent speech understanding and the best sense of where sounds are coming from. Users will benefit from 360-degree audibility and awareness in quiet and speech-only situations, improved hearing in noisy

    Portable Microphone Wins Edison Award


    Beltone Hearing Aid Product Takes Home Another Edison Award

    Portable Microphone Portable Microphone Beltone is proud to announce that the myPAL portable microphone accessories are a Bronze winner in the health and wellness category of the Edison Awards. This portable microphone will ease the challenge of non face-to-face communication. Learn more about the Beltone Portable Microphone!

    Happy New Year from the Beltone Family!


     This year, give yourself the gift of hearing.

    As we make our resolutions for the new year, consider treating yourself to improved hearing, with a pair of new hearing aids. At Beltone, we believe in providing Hampton Roads with the latest hearing aids that allows our customers to hear like nature intended. We also believe in providing exceptional hearing aid services. See what our customers from 2016 have to say about us below:

    • Thomas S
      I just received my Beltone hearing aids, and my hearing is so much better. I really can’t believe it!

      ~ Thomas Smathers, Retired from US Marines as Gunnery Sergeant (Virginia Beach)
    • Russell S
      I can hear the cars going by at a normal pace, and people talking. The hearing aids from Beltone have opened up a new world for me – An old world I hadn’t heard in many many years. Thank you Beltone!

      ~ Russell Scherec, Retired US Marines Lieutenant Colonel (Virginia Beach)
    • Ruth B
      I was a previous hearing aid wearer before coming to Beltone, but was not satisfied with the level of service I was receiving. I love the personal service and welcoming atmosphere at the Beltone office. I Love my Legend 17 hearing aids, and how much they help me hear in church, Sunday School and lunch with the ladies.

      Ruth Brickhouse
    • Phillip W
      I use to wear another brand of hearing aids and was completely frustrated. Since coming to Beltone my quality of life has taken a 360 degree turn for the better. I LOVE my Legend 17 hearing aids and the award winning staff at Beltone has bent over backwards to make sure that I am happy and satisfied, which I am! An outstanding experience.

      Phillip Waterman
    • Thomas S
    • Russell S
    • Ruth B
    • Phillip W

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    Our Licensed Hearing Specialist Was Recognized by Beltone Corporate!

    Licensed Hearing Specialist Chesapeake & Suffolk

    We’re Proud of You, Michael!

    Our very own licensed hearing specialist, Michael Lee, who works at our Chesapeake & Suffolk offices, recently won a sales award from Beltone’s Corporate office. Congratulations, Michael! To learn more about our hearing aids or for a free hearing consultation, contact us at 757-550-2580. Our hearing centers are located in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Portsmouth. Check which office is nearest to you!

    Beltone Sponsors the Cape Henry Oyster Crush


    Beltone Southside is Proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the Cape Henry Oyster Crush in Virginia Beach, VA.

    On September 18th, 2016, the 33rd Annual Cape Henry Oyster Crush will take place at the Yacht Club at Marina Shores. Beltone is proud to be a partner of the event as a silver sponsor this year. The Oyster Roast tickets will benefit 31 local charities and will include food, drinks, and music. View the event site here!

    Beltone – Giving Back to the Community


    Our Hearing Specialists not only care for each and every one of our patients, but the Hampton Roads community as a whole.

    The Beltone family is proud to give back to the community, and we make sure to give back in a variety of ways. Beltone Southside sponsors a variety of local events, participates in the Food Drive every year, and donates to many other charities, but one of our favorite ways to give back is when we award a deserving local a new set of free hearing aids. Stay tuned for a feature blog post about our awardee! In Jacksonville, NC, Beltone awarded a USMC Veteran with a set of new hearing aids.

    Beltone Legend Hearing Aid Wins Award in 14th Annual American Business Awards



    Beltone Legend™ Hearing Aid Wins Award in 14th Annual American Business Awards

    The Beltone Legend™ Hearing Aid was recently named a winner of a 2016 Stevie Award in the health and pharmaceutical products category of the 14th Annual American Business Awards. The Beltone Legend™ was recognized for its revolutionary ability to connect to personal mobile devices and allow the streaming of sounds to the hearing aids.

    The Beltone Legend™ is also a candidate for the 2016 People’s Choice Stevie Awards for Favorite New Products. To vote, visit the 2016 People’s Choice Stevie Awards Website and follow the link to the Health and Pharmaceutical Product Category, or enter shortcode: G966W when prompted. From here, select the Beltone Legend™.

    Belting Southside is proud to offer the world’s first and most advanced full family of Made for iPhone® hearing aids to the residents of Hampton Roads, with hearing centers conveniently located in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, & Portsmouth.

    Beltone Legend™ Hearing Aid Selected as Honoree in the 20th Annual Webby Awards


    Beltone Legend™: the Future of Hearing Aids

    beltonelegend With its superb sound quality, ability to adjust sounds according to the environment, and smart-phone compatibility, it is no surprise that our Beltone Legend™ sits at the forefront of hearing aid technology. This year, we are proud to announce that the Beltone Legend™ has been announced as a Webby Awards honoree in the Connected Products & Wearables category. The Webby Awards is presented by the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and has been hailed as the “Internet’s Highest Honor” by The New York Times. Very few products are chosen to receive this award for each category out of more than 13,000 entries. The Beltone Legend™ is the most advanced hearing aid of its kind. It has the ability to connect to mobile devices and can stream sound right from the mobile device, including audio from voice calls, FaceTime, videos, music, and more. The Beltone Legend™ can also be controlled through the HearPlus app for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android devices. With the app, you can adjust audio volume and connect to other devices such as TVs and Computers. “Beltone Legend represents the latest

    Beltone Southside Offers Hearing Aid Discounts!


    Beltone Southside is excited to offer discounts for a limited time. View our hearing aids and wireless hearing aid accessories to see if any of our products could be right for you! Make an appointment & let our audiologists give you a free consultation.

    Spring Blowout Sale!Take Advantage of These Hearing Aid Discounts

    Spring Blowout Sale!

    Take Advantage of These Hearing Aid Discounts

    Hear like nature intended. Celebrate warm weather with better hearing that you’ll enjoy with our Legend series of hearing aids. Beltone Southside is proud to offer our customers this Spring Blowout, with deals up to 75% off of retail price. This sale is offered for a limited time only, so claim your discounted hearing aids while you can!

    View & Print Coupons