• Beltone Hampton Roads Announces New Beltone Legend™ Hearing Aid


    Taking Personalized Hearing to the Next Level

    beltonelegendBeltone is excited to announce the new Beltone Legend™, offering personalized hearing features that you can’t find anywhere else! Personal Sound ID™ mimics how the ear collects and processes sound. It also adjusts to your unique way of listening and living. Superb sound quality and speech understanding are the main focus, thanks to Personal Sound IDTM and Crosslink Directionality, but other features like Smart Gain Pro and Feedback Eraser add adaptability, and intelligence. There is no need to compromise when you choose Beltone Legend. Beltone Legend stands out as one of the most flexible hearing aids on the market. They are small, virtually invisible and built for everyday life, from indoors to extreme sports and tough weather. Beltone Legend is at home anywhere. HPF80 NanoBlock coating blocks moisture and dirt. The Wind Noise Reduction feature makes being outdoors in windy weather easy, by helping to filter out uncomfortable wind noise. Made for iPhone® integration streams sounds wirelessly to the hearing aids from an iPhone, iPad® or iPod touch®, while the HearPlus app controls the hearing aids directly from an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

    The Doctor Is “OUT”

    By Peter Cousin
    Director of Marketing
    Beltone Southside Hampton Roads

    John Brein with Beltone Owner Bari Grohler

    Dr. John Brein of Chesapeake had it all. A beautiful wife, two wonderful children, nice home, a sailboat and a successful medical practice united by some of the finest physicians in Virginia. And – just like that – his medical profession ended. Achieving his medical degree as a general surgeon in 1982, from the Medical College of Pennsylvania, Dr. Brein specialized in Anesthesiology, based on the medical communities’ forecast of a shortage in this field by the year 2000. They were correct.

    Completing his Anesthesiology Residency at Yale’s School of Medicine, he moved to Virginia Beach for its appealing appearance and professional opportunities. As a contributing member of a medical practice, their group became the anesthesia group for DePaul Medical Center where Dr. Brein became Chairman of the Anesthesiology Department. Life was good.

    “By the age of 38,” Dr. Brein explains, “I began to notice a loss in my hearing. It became more difficult to hear the surgeons in the operating room, mouths covered by masks and voices sometimes soft or hushed.” He told one of his friends, an Otolaryngologist, about his

    My Name is Dorothy, but you can call me ‘Sue’.


    The story of a caring, loving, dedicated human being.

    When 75-year-old Dorothy Airth was born into a family of 4 brothers and 2 sisters in Norwood, Massachusetts, her middle sister suggested they name her Sue or Susie. The other children agreed; and from that day forward, she was known as ‘Sue’.

    “The first day of school, however, was a different story,” says Sue. “During roll-call, the teacher went through the student roster, acknowledging each person; then, she came to the name Dorothy Airth. “Dorothy,” she called. “Is Dorothy here? Dorothy Airth — are you in the room?” the teacher bellowed. Hearing her last name, she knew it must be her, so Dorothy replied, “I’m here!”

    That afternoon, when she arrived home, she asked her mother why her name was Dorothy and not Sue. Her mother replied with a smile; and raising both her shoulders said, “I don’t remember. No matter. When parents name their children, the kids never like their names, anyway!”

    While Dorothy was growing up (We’ll just call her ‘Sue’, since everyone else does!), she began losing family members in tragic ways: First, her sister, only 26 years old, died during childbirth. Her brother Bill, just 39 years

    Beltone of Hampton Roads Contributes to the Food Bank


    All of Our Hampton Roads Locations are Collecting Canned Goods for the Food Bank

    When one of our staff members read that the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia was in need of food, we decided to take action. During the summer, while the children are out of school, their shelves can get pretty bare. We wanted to do something here at Beltone to help the community when we saw this. We definitely don’t want to see our local families go hungry.

    At all of our locations, our patients were made aware of our efforts to collect as much as possible. We invited them to bring in canned goods if they wanted to contribute. Our patients, as well as our employees, have collected quite a bit to be donated to the organization. We thank everyone for their contribution, and are excited to keep looking for opportunities to give back to our wonderful community. View photos of the PCC’s at each office with their donation boxes below!



    Pembroke 4, Suite 132
    (Across from Pembroke Mall)
    757-497-3900 (Local)
    877-497-8565 (Toll Free)

    1357 N. Great Neck

    We Were Nominated for the Edison Award!


    Staying on Top of Hearing Aid Technology

    Earlier this month, we advised you that the Beltone LegendTM was named as a nominee for the Edison Award. I am pleased to inform you that we were notified today, that Beltone Legend has advanced to the finalist level for the Edison Award! Named after Thomas Edison, the Edison Awards recognize excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation. Here at Beltone, we are proud to offer our customers the best in hearing aid technology. View our products and make an appointment today to find the perfect hearing aid for you! We are located in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, & Suffolk. Call (757)497-3900 to speak with one of our hearing aid specialists.

    Our Patient is Now a Legend!


    Beltone Hearing Aids Helps Hampton Roads Local’s Life

    By Peter Cousin Beltone Southside Hampton Roads

    Four years ago we met Jon Brein, a prominent Property Manager and Real Estate investor in Hampton Roads, Virginia. By the age of 43, Jon was enjoying a lucrative position as Chairman of the Anesthesiology Department at DePaul Medical Center in Norfolk, Virginia, until his hearing became an obstacle in surgery he could not overcome. Moving his career to property management and investments, Jon wore full-shell custom hearing aids for more than 5 years. This allowed him to perform his work but the quality of hearing was not what he wanted. It was loud enough but he couldn’t hear clearly and found himself asking people to repeat themselves multiple times.

    Finding a Local Hearing Aid Center

    Jon first contacted Beltone in November of 2010 to try out the new True hearing aid. “Being a ‘techie’ of sorts, I wanted the very best hearing aid on the market. It just sounded better. It’s clearer. This new equipment allowed me to listen to MP3 formats and when the phone rang, the MP3 cut off allowing me to use the phone. When I was done with the call, the

    Beltone Helps Sponsor “Dolphin Challenge” Race

    On a bright but blustery day – October 2, 2010, runners from across Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. converged on the town of Sandbridge to “Run for the Cause”. The LiveStrong Sandbridge Dolphin Challenge 1 mile, 5k and 10k race was held to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation on behalf of A Dolphin’s Promise and its President, Cindy Graf. More than 300 racers of all ages showed up for the event which was sponsored in part by Beltone Hearing Aids on the Southside of Virginia. “We’re going to make sure they have all the water they need to keep hydrated” said Beltone President Bari Grohler. We made sure there was enough water for all the runners and positioned ourselves at the Start/Finish line. The one mile race for children began promptly at 8 am and the 5k and 10k race began at 9 am. Because of strong headwinds there was no record set but the money raised for the event was substantial. All funds go directly to the Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation. The race began after the singing of our National Anthem and was led out of the gates by this 1939 Packard (shown at the right).